Relationship Therapist, Couples Counseling in Columbia, SC and Spartanburg,SC

You may wonder “How can Cindy Cartee help me?” “Help us?”

By offering you HOPE. You will learn the concepts and tools to enrich, enhance, restore, reconnect and deepen your relationships. People hear the stories of break-up and divorce, but when have you heard someone share the stories of hope? Struggles in a relationship tend to be private, often never shared. Unfortunately, advice from family and friends tends to be about “ending” the relationship. Too often relationships end before the real love story ever begins. Conflict IS Growth Trying To Happen.

Get The Love You Want

Let me help you understand why you fell in love with your partner and why you are now frustrated and disillusioned with someone you love so deeply. I will help you transform your conflicts into connections through conscious conversations so that you can Get The Love You Want.

Find and Keep The Love

If you are Single and seeking counseling to help you better understand yourself in relationships I will help you gain insight into who you are attracted to, why you are attracted to them, the patterns in your past/present relationships and how to Find and Keep The Love You Find.

Relationship Tune-Up

Therapy can be preventive, a check up on your relationship. We maintain our cars and yards. What would your relationship look like with proper maintenance? Affair proof your relationship as you discover more about yourself, your partner and your relationship. Gift your relationship with a tune-up.

Yes, I can help you help yourself. I will lead you, guide you and educate you in Getting The Help You Want.

When we fall in love, it’s supposed to be forever. We meet the person of our dreams and magical transformation takes place with us. We feel alive, whole, connected to the world and the people in it. Then, before we know it, that magical feeling fades. We begin to question if we have selected the “right” partner. You did! Remember Conflict Is Growth Trying To Happen. Incompatibility is in fact Compatibility.

Affair Recovery

“Cindy Cartee helps couples find their way when they have gotten off the path of love. She has a tremendously giving spirit and is committed to helping every couple transform their relationship and find the connection they long for. She takes people on what she calls an “adventure of the soul,” and with kindness and generosity, guides them to wholeness.”
~ Tammy Nelson, PhD, Author of The New Monogamy and Getting The Sex You Want

“Cindy Cartee is a talented, deeply compassionate Imago therapist and workshop presenter who brings her whole heart and soul to her work.”
~ Wendy Palmer Patterson, M.S.W Imago Senior Faculty