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About Me

Cindy Cartee, LPC

Cindy Cartee Counseling provides couples counseling, affair and sex therapy and addiction cousneling in Columbia, SC and Spartanburg, SCHow can Cindy Cartee help me or help us? I am passionately committed to helping people in their relationships. Whether it’s about you or another, we’re all about love and relationships, right?

I have over 20 years of experience in the field of Counseling and Psychotherapy. Providing private practice for over 15 years, I specialize in helping individuals and couples enhance their lives and relationships. I am a South Carolina Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, Nationally Board Certified Counselor, South Carolina Clinical Addictions Counselor Cindy Cartee Counseling in Spartanburg, SC and Columbia, SC and a Certified Getting The Love You Want Couples Workshop Presenter.

I utilize an eclectic approach designed to meet your individualized needs. I know how uncomfortable and difficult walking into my office can be. Establishing rapport, creating a relaxed experience with a down-to-earth approach, offering humor mixed with the seriousness of the circumstances, I will help offer you HOPE and guide you to your personal visions of change.

I look forwarding to working with you and I will work hard for you! I’ll be your coach, not your referee so call me Cindy Cartee at (864) 706-HELP.

What others say about Cindy:

“Cartee has ignited HOPE during a time when many are hopeless. Relationship expert and renowned marriage motivator Cartee has inspired couples to navigate their relationships to reconnection and deeper connection. Despite the myth that affairs destroy a relationship Cartee has proven that affair recovery is possible.”

“Often referred to as an old soul, Cartee is wise beyond her years. At an early age she had an awareness of her call to help others love one another. Following that calling and desperate to reach the public, Cartee has created a surge of transformative energy.”

With an uncanny ability to connect with people, her fun loving spirit exudes and her hope is contagious. Therapy with her is like an adventure of the soul. Helping couples consciously love one another is her gift. Creating an alchemy of two souls becoming one. Transforming relationships one at a time.

“Yes, Cartee is downloading the program God has programmed her to deliver. RE-MEMBER means to put back together and Cartee can help you remember the feelings of love that you have forgotten.”

"Cindy Cartee helps couples find their way when they have gotten off the path of love. She has a tremendously giving spirit and is committed to helping every couple transform their relationship and find the connection they long for. She takes people on what she calls an "adventure of the soul," and with kindness and generosity, guides them to wholeness." ~ Tammy Nelson, PhD, Author of The New Monogamy and Getting The Sex You Want
"Cindy Cartee is a talented, deeply compassionate Imago therapist and workshop presenter who brings her whole heart and soul to her work."
~ Wendy Palmer Patterson, M.S.W Imago Senior Faculty